You can find here some useful addresses and telephone numbers if you travel to Sibiu

- County telephone area code: 0269 Country telephone area code: 004
- If you need any kind of information or advices about the city or county of Sibiu, that you don't find on our site, please contact us at:

Tourist Information Center

Here you can find any kind of tourist and travel information regarding the city of Sibiu and the county of Sibiu. You can ask for tourist guide, and authorized personnel to advice you on your journey.

Address: N. Balcescu Str. No:7 Tel: 0269-21 11 10

Monday to Friday from: 9AM to 17PM
Saturday from: 10AM to 13AM
Sunday Closed

Emergency Services
112 (Police, Fire Dep, Ambulance)
Train Station
Address: Nicolae Balcescu Str. No. 6 Tel:004-0269-211.139
City Hall
Telephone no.004-0269- 210.104
Sibiu County Police Department
Address: Revolutiei Str .No. 4. Tel 004-0269- 432177, 431510
Sibiu County Prefecture
Address: Andrei Saguna Str. No. 10 Tel. 004-0269-213121, 004-0269- 211916



Sibiu City & County
Useful Addresses and Phone Numbers

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