- Arges county is located in the southern part of Romania, in Muntenia.

- Here are the counties nearby: Sibiu and Brasov Counties in north, Dambovita County in the east, Teleorman County in the south and in the west Olt and Valcea Counties.
- The administrtrative capital of Arges County is Pitesti city, officially recorded for the first time in 1388.

- Some of the city’s distinguishing elements are:
- Saint George Church (medieval church)
- Saint Friday Church
- Trivale Monastery
- Trivale Park
- The County Library
- Milea Square
Most of the public events in Pitesti the place in Milea Square.

- About 6 km east of Pitasti lays the small town of Stefanesti. Stefanesti has vineyards where the well known Stefanesti Wine in made.

- North-west of Pitesti along the Arges River valley is the city of Curtea de Arges, former capital of the Romanian Country Principality (Tara Romaneasca). The city has an beautiful architectural complex. Here, among other buildings, stands the Curtea de Arges Church and Monastery, built in the middle ages.

A legend says that the wife of the Craftsman Manole, who built the monastery, is walled in the church. Legend has it that she was walled in by the Craftsman himself, forced to make this sacrifice in order to finish the construction. So a poem (a folklore poem) about the construction of The Curtea de Arges Monastery was born.

- North of Curtea de Arges is Vidraru Lake, with the Vidraru Dam. From there some roads lead to the Transfagarasan.

- Transfagarasan is a road that winds through the mountains 2.034 meters above sea level, and goes through a tunnel 845 meters in length, passing under the Negoiu and Moldoveanu Peaks. From the road there is a splendid view over the Arges River Valley.

- At a small distance from the dam lies the ruins of Poienari Fortress, built on the top of Caprioara Peak. Constructed by the Basarabi Dynasty, the Fortress is also known as "The Fortress of Vlad Tepes". Stairs starting at the foot of the hill Lead up to the Fortress.

- 60 Km north-east of Pitesti is the city of Campulung. Buildings of historical value can be found here. Campulung, as well as Curtea de Arges, were important economical, cultural and military centers.

- The village of Golesti, about 10 km east of Pitesti, holds a medieval architectural complex built in 1640 by the Craftsman Stioca for Stroe Leurdeanu.

Pitesti City & Arges County Tourist Attractions

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