You can find here some useful addresses and telephone numbers if you travel to Pitesti

County telephone area code: 0248 Country telephone area code: 004

If you need any kind of information or advices about the city, that you don't find on our site, please contact us at:

Emergency Services:
112 (Police, Fire Dep, Ambulance)
Train Station
Address: B-dul Republicii No. 151 Phone no: 627 908 and 630 341
City Hall
Address:. Victoriei Str. No. 24 Telephone no. 626375
Arges County Police Department
Address: Victoriei Str. No. 60 Tel 004- 0269- 623110
Arges County Prefecture
Address: Vasile Milea Square. No. 1 Tel. 004-0248--623850


Pitesti and Arges county
Useful Addresses and Phone Numbers

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