Cotroceni National Museum
Address: Boulevard. Geniului, No.1, Sector 6
Telephone: (021) 3173106
Museum National "George Enescu" National Museum
Address: Calea Victoriei, No.141, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 3129182
Romanian National Art Museum
Address: Cal. Victoriei, No.49-53, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 3133030
Geologic National Museum
Address: Sos. Kiseleff, No.2
Telephone: (021) 650.50.94
History National Museum
Address: Calea Victoriei, No.12, Sector 3
Telephone: (021) 3158207
"Grigore Antipa" Natural History National Museum
Address: Sos. Kiseleff, No.1, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 3128826
"Dimitrie Gusti " Village National Museum
Address: Sos Kiseleff Pavel Dimitrievici, No.30
Telephone: (021) 2224297
Maps and Old Books National Museum
Address: Street. Londra, No. 39, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 2304468
Military National Museum
Address: Mircea Vulcanescu Street, No.125-127
Telephone: (021) 638.76.30
"Curtea Veche" Museum
Address: Franceza Street, No.31, Sector 3
Telephone: (021) 3140375
"Theodor Aman" Museum
Address: C.A. Rosetti Street, No.8, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 3145812
"Gheorghe Marinescu" Museum
Address: Thomas Masaryk Street, No.27
"Victor Babes" Museum
Address: Andrei Mureseanu Street, No.14A, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 2302302
Romanian Train Museum
Address: Calea Grivitei Street, No.193 B
Telephone: (021) 222.75.20
Art Collection Museum
Address: Calea Victoriei Street, No.111, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 2129641
Jews Museum
Address: Mamulari Street, No.3
Telephone: (021) 315.08.37
Romanian Literature Museum
Address: Boulevard. Dacia, No.12, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 2125845
Romanian Peasant Museum
Address: Sos Kiseleff Pavel Dimitrievici Street, No.3, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 312.98.75
"Prof. Ing. Dimitrie Leonida" Technical Museum
Address: G-ral Canadiano Popescu Street, No.2
Telephone: (021) 336.93.90
"Frederic Storck si Cecilia Cutescu-Storck" Art Museum
Address: Vasile Alecsandri Street, No.16
Telephone: (021) 211.38.89
"Ing. Dumitru Minovici" Old Art Museum
Address: Dr.N. Minovici Street, No.1
Telephone: (021) 665.73.34
Bucharest History and Art Museum
Address: Boulevard. Bratianu, No.2, Sector 3
Telephone: (021) 3138515
"Dr. George Severeanu" Museum
Address: Berzei Street, No. 17, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 3131208
"George Bacovia" Memorial Museum
Address: George Bacovia Street, No.63, Sector 4
Telephone: (021) 3324547
"George Calinescu" Memorial Museum
Address: G. Calinescu Street, No.53
Telephone: 231.31.63
Nottara Museum
Address: Boulevard. Dacia, No.51
Telephone: (021) 2103823
"Tudor Arghezi" Memorial Museum
Address: Martisor Street, No.26
Telephone: (021) 332.59.00
"G.H. Tatarascu" Memorial Museum
Address: Domnita Anastasia Street, No.7
Telephone: 314.10.06
"Theodor Pallady" Museum
Address: Spatarului Street, No.22, Sector 2
Telephone: (021) 2114979
"Antim Monastery" Museum
Address: Antim Ivireanu Street, No.29
Zambaccian Museum
Address: Museum Zambaccian Street, No.21a, Sector 1
Telephone: (021) 2301920
Municipal Art Gallery
Address: Academiei Street, No.15
Telephone: (021) 314.33.14
Apollo National Art Gallery
Address: Boulevard. Nicolae Balcescu, No.2
Telephone: (021) 313.50.10
Galla Art Gallery
Address: Boulevard. 1 Mai, No.133
Telephone: (021) 224.00.81
Orizont Art Gallery
Address: Boulevard. Nicolae Balcescu, No.23A
Telephone: (021) 315.89.17
Calderon Art Gallery
Address: J.L. Calderon Street, No.48
"Vasile Grigore" Art Gallery
Address: Rosetti Maria Street, No. 29, Sector 2
Telephone: (021) 2115409
Fire Department Museum
Address: Boulevard Ferdinand I, No. 33, Sector 2
Telephone: (021) 2522884
Astronomic Observatory
Address: Boulevard. L. Cataragiu, No.21
Telephone: (021) 650.34.75


Bucharest Museums

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