Avram Iancu Street starts nearby the Council Tower and then heads down towards the Ursuline Church. The street began taking shape in the 14 th century and wealthy people of Sibiu lived here.

The Leather Merchants arched passageway, which links the street with the Small Square is located under the building at number 3.

A Renaissance architecture yard is at number 9. Behind this yard lie the ruins of a small defense tower, and the frontage has a Baroque architecture stone portal which holds a balcony.

Nearby, ay number 7, is a building considered to be a historical monument.

The Brukenthal family residence is across the street at number 8.

At number 21 is the house in which Gheorghe Dima lived (1874-1925). Gheorghe Dima composed choral music inspired by Romanian folklore. Halfway down the street, on the left side, is a tunnel called the School Passageway, which links the street to the Lower Town. At number 16, across the street from the passageway is the oldest inhabited house in Sibiu, the Bobel house, which dated back to the 15 th century.

Avram Iancu Street