The Orthodox Cathedral was built on the spot where a Greek church was.

The old church was built in 1778 and until then was an Episcopal Cathedral. The church was rebuilt according to the plans of Virgil Nagy and Iosif Kammer, both architects, which were inspired by Constantinople’s Saint Sofia Cathedral.

Works lasted between 1902 and 1904 and were supervised by Sibiu’s chief architect Iosif Schussnig. The dome’s painting, as well as that of the iconostasis was made by Octavian Smigelschi who originated from the village of Ludos from Sibiu County.

The monumentality of the interior is created by the half-sphere arch 15 meters in diameter. The Cathedral was hallowed on the 30 th of April 1906 by Metropolitan Bishop Ioan Metianu in the presence of many important persons of that time, such as Professor Nicolae Iorga

Orthodox Cathedral