Evangelic Church is one of the most spectacular buildings in Sibiu. It was built in the 14 th century on the spot where an old 12 th century roman church was.

In 1471 the building was transformed, and in 1488 a chapel was added. The only wall of the chapel still standing is the one facing west.

Towards the altar, on the left side is the stone canopy from the old pulpit. In front of the altar in the center, is a gigantic font made in 1488 by craftsman Leonardus. The metal used for the font came from the canons captured from the Turks the year before. The altar was made in the 19 th century.

The huge fresco on the north wall representing the Crucifixion of Christ was painted by Johannes of Rosneau in 1445. The fresco was remade in 1650 by Georg Herman.

The cathedral’s choir is on the balcony on the southern wing. It contains a baroque organ made by a Slovakian craftsman in 1671 which replaced the first organ brought to Sibiu in 1585.

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Evangelic Cathedral 1